Site 15: Megalithic Tombs at Düvelskuhlen (15a-b)

Großsteingräber bei den DüvelskuhlenBoth graves are only 250 metres apart from each other at the edge of the forest between the villages Groß-Stavern and Sögeln. Until the 1930ies Grave I was hidden underneath a mound thus preserved it in perfect shape unknown to the public. The director of the former Provinzialmuseum Hanover had it excavated and an almost completely preserved grave appeared. The oval enclosure of the Emsland Chamber is also nearly complete. Grave II shows a different type of rectangular Hünenbett. Its enclosure is 19 x 5.5 metres. In size.

Most parts of the chamber are still in the earth. It has four bays, three still have their capstone.

Site 15: Megalithic Tomb Püttkesberge (15c)

The megalithic grave is hidden in an industrial area at the southern rim of Sögeln leading a shadowy existence. The ruins of the grave do not allow an exact reconstruction of the site. There are three capstones, eight orthostats and five stones that might be part of the enclosure.

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