Site 12: Megalithic Tomb at Kunkenvenne (12a)

Großsteingrab in der KunkenvenneIn a large forest north east of Thuine is one of North Germany’s most impressive megalithic grave. Seventeen bays and a length of 25.5 metres mark this chamber a true giant among the grave chambers. On top of that is it in really good condition. The capstones are almost all at their original position. The entrance visible is at the south-eastern longitudinal side of the chamber that gave this type of graves its name: passage grave.

The monument is enclosed by two stone kerbs, normally it is only one. The outer ring still has 51 of formerly 58 stones and the inner still counts 60 of formerly 65 stones. Several excavations took place at this tomb in the 19th century. Stone tools, amber pearls and shards were detected. Today they are in the Landesmuseum Hanover.

Site 12: Megalithic Tomb on the Radberg (12b)

This megalithic grave is set lonely on a clearing in the woods of the Emsland between Thuine and Langen surrounded by pine trees. Formerly 17 metres long most parts of the chamber are still preserved. One can still identify ten capstones. Even the chamber entrance is detectable. The stones of the enclosure are mostly lost and scattered in the area.

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