Site 19: Megalithic Grave Ostenwalde

Großsteingrab OstenwaldeIn 1971 this tomb had to give way to a new road layout and was therefore deployed. On this occasion the monument was thoroughly examined and reconstructed. It turned out that it was not possible to reset the capstones custom-fit, so a virtue was made of necessity: Today the capstones are next to the grave allowing an unobstructed view into the chamber. Not only the orthostats but also the paving and filling of the remaining voids of the grave chamber were restored. It is now again underneath an earth mound.

The grave was possibly framed by a very rare double stone circle. The chamber consists of six bays. Grave goods such as pottery vessels of the Funnel Beaker culture, flint arrowheads, pieces of copper and amber beads were found in large quantities. The site was disrupted several times due to secondary burials.

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