Site 20: De Hoogen Steener (20a) (High Stones)

De Hoogen SteenerThis extraordinary grave is hidden in a deciduous forest north of Werlte. The chamber is considered the longest in the Emsland. It has 15 bays, is 29 metres long and excellently well preserved. Fourteen capstones are mainly in situ preserved. The entrance is at the south side and easy to detect. But only few kerb stones give a vague idea of the former enclosure.

During excavations about 150 pottery sherds were recovered, belonging to at least 20 vessels of the Neolithic Funnel Beaker Culture. These vessels and flint tools are in the Landesmuseum Hanover.

Site 20: Poldenhünensteine (20b)

This megalithic grave is located next to a forest trail Northwest of Werlte and east of Spahnharrenstätte secluded in a wooded area surrounded by open fields. The small but very characteristic grave chamber still has two of formerly three capstones. Two stones situated outside the chamber might be relics of a past enclosure.

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