Station 22: Schlingsteine (22a)

The megalithic grave to the north of Lindern village is surrounded by beech trees and has an exceptionally big chamber of 24 x 1.5 metres. Ten capstones still exist, lying directly on the ground. The orthostats are presumably still sticking in the ground. And nothing may be said about an enclosure. Blast holes on a capstone give evidence that the grave was destroyed in order to gain construction material for other projects.

Station 22: Megalithic Grave Hünensteine (22b)

This grave is not far west of Lindern at the edge of a forest. It has a rather small chamber with four bays. But it is very well preserved and the capstones are gigantic (two of four still exist), thus turning it into a characteristic representative of its kind.

Station 22: Megalithic Grave “am hohen Stein” and “the hohe Stein” (German= at the high stone) (22c+d)

Großsteingrab Hünensteine Both graves are 200 metres apart from each other in the Hümmling woods south of Lindern. Their exposed and representative position on top of steep sand hill is intriguing. The grave “am hohen Stein” (German =at the high stone) is of fragmentary condition, only nine orthostats and two capstones still exist.

The “hohe Stein” (German =high stone) is not much better of. But the partly destroyed chamber offers a good insight into the construction of a megalithic grave. The enormous capstone is still in situ preserved.

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