Site 26: Pestrup Burial Ground (26)

Pestruper GräberfeldPestrup burial Ground is the only station of the Route of Megalithic Culture that is neither Neolithic nor megalithic architecture. It is an extensive area of 35 ha (about 86 acres) with more than 500 Bronze and Iron Age grave mounds. In contrast to Neolithic collective graves these are all individual graves and mostly urn burials only a few were cremation sites.

Pestruper GräberfeldThe Pestrup Burial Ground, situated south of Wildeshausen in beautiful heathlands and pine forests is a high ranking national archaeological site. It is the biggest Bronze and Ice Age necropolis in northern Central Europe. The whole area was declared excavation conservation area in 1992. Sometimes Heidschnucken (German Grey Heath sheep) graze on the heathlands. At nighttimes they take shelter in a picturesque sheep pen close by.

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