Site 3: Driehauser Stones (3a)

The megalithic grave is located amidst fields to the southwest of Schwagstorf. Because of its remote position and poor accessibility this grave is, wrongly so, a little bit in the shade of the nearby Darpvenner Stones. Two capstones have intriguing cup marks that had a cultic meaning in Bronze Age’s death cult. The grave chamber tapering towards both ends has eleven bays and is in good shape.

Site 3: Darpvenner Stones (3b-d)

Straße der Megalithkultur

The Darpvenner Stones are three neighbouring megalithic graves situated to the left and right of a country road coming from Schwagstorf following the slope of the Wiehengebirge. During excavations in 1807 rich findings were made at this site, such as ceramic vessels, stone celts and arrowheads.

The most impressive grave lies north of the road. Six of former ten capstones are still existent and there are only some gaps in the enclosure. Close by on a little hill south of the road are graves number II and III. The grave chambers are smaller than Grave I and surrounded by trees. Namely Grave III is in a fairly good state of preservation, orthostats and capstones are mostly intact.

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